Tkinter on Python 2.4 on Mac OS X?

Ben Kovitz bkovitz at
Thu Sep 14 17:06:07 CEST 2006

Bill Williams wrote:
>  "Ben Kovitz" <bkovitz at> wrote:
> >...I finally got the
> > "Hello World" program at to
> > work, but only under Python 2.3.
> >
> > Has anyone gotten Tkinter running with Python 2.4 on a Mac?
> >
> The Hello World example works for me. You have to save as applet, though.

Thanks for the suggestion, Bill!  I would never have guessed that it
would make a difference if you make your script an applet (that seems
very strange).  Now, here's a stupid question: how do you save as an
applet?  I know IDLE can do that, but my 2.4 IDLE is failing
because...Tkinter isn't working with Python 2.4 (same "spinning
beachball forever" as Hello World).  If you know a quick way to do it,
that would be great, before I go digging into the source code of IDLE.

Maybe this is a better question for me to ask:  *How* did you get
Python 2.4 running with Tkinter on OS X?

Ben Kovitz

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