Ideas on interconnecting objects? (was: "filtered view" upon lists?)

Wildemar Wildenburger wildemar at
Tue Sep 12 22:34:12 CEST 2006

> That's all very well, but you might want to Google for "YAGNI".

> You still haven't given us mcuh of a clue about the real need.
There is no "real need". I'm trying things, looking what works out 
eventually. I don't do that for a living (if I did, I'd be starved by now).
Or do you mean the real use case? Because that I did do. There really 
isn't anything more to it.

Ok, maybe there is (though I still think it boils down to what I have 
said before):
I have objects, called Ideas. Ideas have IDs, used as primary keys in a 
berkeley database. I want to connect them with connections that have a 
'type', may or may not have a 'direction' and may or may not have a 
'context'. I want to avoid storing the connections as separate database 
objects (lets for now just accept that).

So I decided to store connections as lists of tuples inside Ideas:
[(ID, type, direction, context), (ID, type, direction, context), ...]
Those I want to Filter.

I'll gladly take any advice on how to do it better; mind you however 
that the only data structure the db is supposed to deal with is the 'Idea'.

Again: I find this hard to explain, so I should probably rethink the 
whole thing. ;)


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