How can I get the function's caller?

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Sep 14 13:20:23 CEST 2006

David wrote:
> Il Wed, 13 Sep 2006 07:34:45 +0100, Steve Holden ha scritto:
>>What do you need this name for, just as a materr of interest? There are 
>>ways of manipulating the stack frames, but they'll be slow and possibly 
> I am writing a big (for me) program and it would be helpful to have a dummy
> function like this:
> def function_A_subfunction_B(self, ....)
> 	dummy()
> that display a standard message like this:
> "Dummy: 'function_A_subfunction_B' in module 'module' is not defined yet"
One way would be to have dummy() raise an exception, which it catches. 
Then use the traceback information to provide the information you want.

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