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Larry Bates larry.bates at
Wed Sep 20 15:11:02 CEST 2006

joakim.hove at wrote:
> Thanks to all who took time to answer!
>>> is it possible in python to include another python source file into the
>>> current namespace, i.e.completely analogous to the #include statement
>>> in C.
> [...]
>> Tell us why you are contemplating such a thing, and someone
>> here will help you implement it the "Pythonic" way.
> My application has a configuration file where lots of variables are
> set. (The configuration file is python source, so there is no
> home-brewed parsing involved.) The configuration file is starting to
> get quite large and unwieldy, so for this reason I would like to split
> it in several files.
> I know I could do:
> from configA import *
> from configB import *
> But I felt that the import statemant was 'more' than I wanted. Maybe I
> am just pedantic.
> Regards
> Joakim
I might also suggest that you consider using ConfigParser module to store
your "variables".  If you are worried about performance, I can tell you that
I use it to feed thousands of lines of configuration info into one of my
applications (this app has 5 of these files) and ConfigParser handles them
so quickly that performance is NOT a problem.  The format of the file is
easily understandable by nearly every user which means I don't have to
worry with someone not understanding Python's syntax.  If someone gets
something wrong in a file that gets included, it is harder to take a sane
default or handle the error than with ConfigParser.  Just a suggestion that
I hope helps.

-Larry Bates


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