PyPy with a smaller PVM for the full Python?

Casey Hawthorne caseyhHAMMER_TIME at
Mon Sep 11 06:14:37 CEST 2006

Currently PyPy is working toward compiling to C a restricted subset of
Python, called RPython.

Would it be possible for PyPy to "compile" the full subset of Python
by also using a lot smaller version of the PVM (Python Virtual
Machine) to go with the "compiled" code?
So, the user would be running the C object code and also a smaller

Or would this completely remove or severely reduce any speed advantage
of the compiled code?

Similarly, for JPython (which is at Python 2.2?), could one also use a
lot smaller accompanying PVM with the JPython source code and JVM to
use Python 2.5 in its entirety?


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