Battlefield Weapon Popularity Trend

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In article <efeko0$bqg$1 at>, Mirco Wahab wrote:
>Thus spoke Chris Mattern (on 2006-09-27 19:09):
>> In article <efd9g0$sn5$1 at>, Mirco Wahab wrote:
>>>When the Samurai of medieval Japan were confronted
>>>with new 'battlefield language', e.g. early Shotguns,
>> "early Shotguns" :D.  Your mastery of the history of
>> firearms overwhelms me.
>You want a fight? With a muzzle-loaded gun?
>Three shots for everybody -- 5 minutes time?
>BTW: (
>    The date of the origin of muskets remains
>    unknown, but they are mentioned as early as
>    the late 15th century, and they were primarily
>    designed for use by infantry. Muskets became
>    obsolete by the middle of the 19th century,
>    as rifles superseded them.

Muskets are not shotguns.

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