Running python from a usb drive

cjl cjlesh at
Tue Sep 12 15:47:44 CEST 2006


> Congratulations. Now: how much time have you spent, and how much per
> hour are you worth? hours * dollars_per_hour < GBP_to_USD(4.99) ???

Since you mention it, I am currently earning about $200 an hour (when
I'm working), and I spent about 3 hours on this, so this cost me about
$600. I think 4.99 GBP (the price of movable python) translates to
about 9 or 10 dollars. So all told this cost me about $590.

Well worth it at twice the price, because I did it myself, I learned
from doing it, others my learn from it, and it is "open", unlike
movable python.

Any ideas about how to set file type associations without writing to
the registry?

Thanks again,

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