Tkinter on Python 2.4 on Mac OS X?

Ben Kovitz bkovitz at
Wed Sep 20 08:35:34 CEST 2006

Bill Williams wrote:
> In article <1158246366.973809.206040 at>,
>  "Ben Kovitz" <bkovitz at> wrote:
> > Maybe this is a better question for me to ask:  *How* did you get
> > Python 2.4 running with Tkinter on OS X?
> I didn't do anything special to get Python 2.4 and Tkinter running on OS
> 10.3.9. Just downloaded and installed MacPython OSX 2.4.1 dmg (Mar 31,
> 2005) and TclTk Aqua 8.4.10 dmg (June 6 2005). The IDE About box says
> IDE 1.0.2, Python 2.4.1 #2 Mar 31 2005 build 1666, and it all just
> works, including saving a script as an applet.
> The point about applets is that one nugget of information points out
> that the graphics environments like Tkinter conflict with the IDE
> graphics environment, so you can't run them under the IDE, and saving as
> applets was the easiest way to get stuff to run standalone.

Thanks for the info, Bill.  Now I understand the need to create an
applet.  I want to run stand-alone anyway, and the IDE was getting
"spinning beachball forever".  So it looks like I just have some sort
of incompatibility between installed versions.

I was going hang my head in resignation and try reinstalling
everything, but I noticed that Python 2.5 got officially released
today, so I installed it to use on something else.  I tried the Tkinter
"Hello World" app, and works!  Hooray!  So now I'm in business.

Ben Kovitz

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