One program in different GUI Toolkits

metaperl.etc at metaperl.etc at
Sun Sep 24 21:35:40 CEST 2006

Franz Steinhaeusler wrote:
> Hello NG,
> I have a suggestion.
> For simplifying learning or switching between different GUI
> Toolkits, I could imagine to have one short clearly presented
> program in different GUI Toolkits.
> What about for example wxProject?
> or some other suggestion to take as base program.
> (could contain menus, buttons, listboxes, dialogs, ...)
> I would be very interested how it would looks in:
> wxPython
> pyGtk

Really one thing about pyGTK is that it has KIWI, which sits on top of
PyGtk and makes it very easy to use. Not to mention that it also has 2
GUI builders built on top of it, Glade and Gazpacho.

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