Syntax suggestion.

samir samirbenabid at
Fri Sep 1 21:10:23 CEST 2006

Bonan tagon!

George Sakkis wrote:

> It's been done; it's called "IPython":

Thank you for the link! It's just what I've needed but...

Roberto Bonvallet wrote :

> finally you get something that is exactly like any Unix shell, and
> completely different to Python.  If you want Python to look like bash, work
> like bash and have bash-like syntax, you should really consider using bash :)

I'm fedup of typing over and over parentheses around function calls
every time I call a single ligne function call or when it is inside an
"if" statement. So i thought that ommiting the parentheses and, why
not, the commas in such cases will be a sort of beautiful/easier :)


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