Freetype 2 Bindings

Leon peonleon at
Thu Sep 7 11:39:20 CEST 2006


Has anybody experimented with this python binding for Freetype2
( ? I'm hoping to
learn more about using text in pyOpenGl by creating textures from
glyphs generated by Freetype2. I downloaded and installed the bindings,
and with the download came an example ( which renders a
string to an image, when I run the example without modifying the code,
only the first character of a string I feed it appears in the image and
blank spaces are present for the rest of the characters (you'll see
what I mean if you run I'm pretty sure it's the part of the
code in the example that defines the kerning, but I'm new to Freetype2,
and I tried following the documentation and changing the code, but I
can't pinpoint the exact problem. If you have experience programming
with Freetype2 and can figure out this out, please help, I'll be
forever grateful.


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