get the en of a program running in background

oripel oripel at
Sun Sep 10 23:42:48 CEST 2006

Module 'subprocess' may be a better fit for you than fork+exec.
Here's an example with a signal handler
(1) use subprocess, don't fork and exec
(2) maybe this will help:

import signal, subprocess

# define the signal handler
def logsignal(signum, frame):
   print "Caught signal"

# register the signal handler for SIGCHLD
signal.signal(signal.SIGCHLD, logsignal)

# run the subprocess in the background
subprocess.Popen(["sleep", "3"])

# Do more stuff

The signal handler will be called when the child process ends. Just
register your own handler.

You only need to register the handler once.
If you need this for a single run only, or need different behavior for
different subprocesses, have your signal handler re-register the old
handler (see the docs for module 'signal').

A note about the example: if you run it as is, the parent process will
end before the child process does. Add a call to 'os.wait()' to have it
wait for the child. In your GUI you probably won't want it.

Hope this helps.

awalter1 wrote:
> Hi,
> I develop a graphical user interface (with pyGTK) where a click on a
> button shall launch a program P in background. I want to get the end of
> this program P but I don't want that my HMI be freezed while P is
> running.
> I try to use fork examplesI found on the web, but it seems to not run
> as expected.
> I am not familiar with these techniques in unix as well as python.
> But I suppose that my needs are usual, despite that I don't find
> anything on the web ...
> Is someone can give me a standard way to call a background program,
> wait its end, with an IHM still active ?
> Thank a lot for any idea.

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