Python extensions on Win32

Cliff Wells cliff at
Tue Sep 26 05:51:30 CEST 2006

For various sundry reasons, I find myself needing to deliver a
Windows-based Python app.  I also chose Python 2.5 for this platform.

The app has several requirements, all of which are available for Python
2.5/Win32 except one: pycurl.  So I decided to try building the source
but as it turns out, building C programs on Windows isn't nearly as
straightforward as on Linux, so I'm a bit lost.

I've downloaded the free Visual C++ Studio 2005, the pycurl sources (and
the requisite curl libs, etc), but pycurl insists I don't have a C
compiler compatible with VC++ 2003 (which I'm assuming is what Python
2.5 is built with).

So, for anyone who might know:

1) Is VC++ 2005 compatible with VC++ 2003?  If not, how can someone
acquire VC++ 2003 (aside from  The Microsoft site
seems to be a dead end here unless you've put out for a spendy MSDN

2) If it is compatible, is there some specific incantation needed (env
variables, etc) to make pycurl use it?

3) If this is a dead-end, will mingw32 work instead (the error message
from pycurl implies it might, but I have doubts)?  Or will this only
work with the cygwin version of Python?

4) How much alcohol will be required to forget all this when I'm done?



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