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Wildemar Wildenburger wildemar at
Sat Sep 16 23:03:32 CEST 2006

nicolasfr at wrote:
> Rakotomandimby (R12y) wrote:
>> What you should have done first is to suggest to contribute to the
>> official Python doc.
> I wrote an email a few months ago to the Python docs support email
> address to offer my help but never got any answer.
What did that email say?
- "Your docs suck!"? (useless)
- "Your docs aren't the most useful. May I offer to help?" (better, but 
somewhat thin. And if the answer had just been "Yes." You'd be no wiser.)
- "Hey, I found this article explaining XY. I made a 
tutorial/how-to/documentation-chapter, and here it is. Hope you can use 
it." (fantastic/preferred) has info on how to participate.

> Everytime I am lookink at how to do this or that in Python I write it
> down somewhere on my computer. (For ex. Threading. After reading the
> official documentation I was a bit perplex. Hopefully I found an
> article an managed to implement threads with only like 20 lines of code
> in my script. That should have been in the docs first, not in an
> article elsewhere... Same problem for handling gzipped files. I wanted
> to know if the file I opened was a gzip archive or not. Not a clue in
> the docs...) I have just decided to share all this knowledge this with
> other. Community will decide if this wiki is of any interest. If not it
> will just remain my personnal notebook for Python tips...

Let me stress that contributing to the *official* docs is a lot more 
rewarding and (I think) sensible. I can't stop you and I appreciate your 
enthusiasm. You might however consider helping fix the dam than build 
one where no water water runs.


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