Talking to marketing people about Python

Roy Smith roy at
Tue Sep 26 03:01:15 CEST 2006

In article <1159205875.573485.19930 at>,
 "codefire" <tony.bedford at> wrote:

> Might be handy to point out that the Python version will be easier (and
> therefore cheaper) to maintain compared to the Perl version. As someone
> said there are numerous success stories at
> You could also point him at :
> Although Perl is higher than Python (by one place) you will noticed
> that Perl activity is in sharp decline in contrast to Python's steady
> growth.

Now, *that's* a graphic a marketing droid can understand.  Green arrow up 
vs. two red arrows down.  Thanks.

Of course, the scary part of that graphic is that after I show it to the 
marketing droids, I might find myself working on building a PHP or VB 
binding for our product :-(

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