Cross-process dictionary/hashtable

Sandra-24 sandravandale at
Tue Sep 19 01:32:18 CEST 2006

I looked at posh, and read the report on it, it's very interesting, but
it will not work for me. Posh requires that it forks the processes, but
in mod_python the processes were forked by apache and use different

Calvin Spealman wrote:
> Maybe what you want is something like memcache
> (, which offers a basic
> in-memory, key-value share that processes (even on different boxes)
> can connect to. Of course, as with any kind of concurrent work, its
> going to be far easier to have some restrictions, which memcache has.
> For example, full python objects being shared isn't a great idea, or
> even possible in many situations. The closest you could get with
> something like memcache is to wrap it up in a dictionary-like object
> and have it pickle things coming in and out, but that won't work for
> everying and has security concerns.

Memcached looks like it will do the job. Thanks!


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