Running python from a usb drive

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Tue Sep 12 02:30:53 CEST 2006

Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> * Steve Holden (2006-09-11 21:37 +0100)
>>Uwe Hoffmann wrote:
>>>cjl schrieb:
>>>>I do set pythonpath, see above.
>>>is pythonpath really case insensitive on windows ?
>>Only because the Windows filesystem implements case-insensitive 
>>semantics. This is nothing to do with Python:
> That's nonsense: "Filenames are Case Sensitive on NTFS Volumes"[1]
> Thorsten
> [1]

Sigh. Right, the semantics are actually inside the subsystem accessing 
the filesystem, if I have to dot every I and cross every T. Note that 
the reference you quote includes the test """However, if you attempt to 
open one of these files in a Win32 application, such as Notepad, you 
would only have access to one of the files, regardless of the case of 
the filename you type in the Open File dialog box."""

So perhaps I should have said the Win32 API implements case-insensitive 
semantics? Sure, if you want to use the POSIX compatibility layer it's 
absolutely possible to create several files that Win32 applications will 
be completely unable to distinguish between. Whatever good that might do 

Sheesh, the nits that get picked on this list nowadays. I can remember 
when it used to be fun, not an exercise in ego inflation.

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