anybody using python 2.5 that raises error while importing?

daniel daniel.huangfei at
Sat Sep 23 15:43:54 CEST 2006

John Machin wrote:
> daniel wrote:
> > there's a dll extension used to be imported with no error under version
> > 2.4.3, but the new python complains that the name of the module can't
> > be found. seems not mentioned in the official documentation, any work
> > around to fix the issue without switching back to the old version?
thank you for your reply..

> Did/does its name end in .dll or in .pyd?
It ends in .dll

> Have you procured a new one (necessary when there's a change of minor
> version number) and installed it in the right place?
My output of "python -V" shows 2.5c2

> Can you tell us the name of the module, and the path to the DLL/PYD
The dll is distributed with a third party library, it claimed to be
compatible with 2.4, It was installed at "d:\" on my box, and the path
had been added to my PYTHONPATH variable.

> that is/was imported by Python 2.4?
yep, it works very well with python 2.4, so, I'm just wondering if
there is a fix for using with 2.5

> Have you contacted the author(s) of the module?
uh.. not yet, because they clearly mentioned that in the doc.

> Have you installed Python 2.5 in its own directory e.g. c:\python25
> (the default)? Python 2.4, same question? Have you uninstalled 2.4?
I already uninstalled the version 2.4. and put python25 in drive "d:".
there's probably no problem with my environment variables, maybe I
should check for a updated version of python.

thanks again.

> Regards,
> John

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