getting quick arp request

seb sebastien.thur at
Wed Sep 6 15:03:43 CEST 2006

Hi Ben,

I am indeed using XP SP2.
I have checked on the event viewer and I have not seen the event 4226.

Besides I also run on the same PC angry Ip scanner 2.21. Checking using
ethereal the arp request are all dispatched quit quickly (see my mail

Thanks for the advice anyway.

Ben Sizer wrote:
> seb wrote:
> > I need to write a scanner that test all the IP adresses that repond on
> > a given port.
> ...
> > I am using winXP pro on a 2GHZ P4 and 512 Mo.
> If you have XP Service Pack 2, it cripples port-scanning as part of a
> 'security' fix. Broadly speaking, it limits the rate at which you can
> make connections at the OS level; this will show up as event 4226 in
> the Event Viewer if it affects you.
> -- 
> Ben Sizer

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