Running Python script from C++ code(.NET)

volcano Mark.Geyzer at
Tue Sep 26 15:25:51 CEST 2006

volcano wrote:
> Hello, folks!
> A trivial question - I have a working Python script that I have to
> invoke from C++ code. No fancy stuff - just run the whole script with
> its parameters. No callbacks, no signalling - nada, just
> stupid,primitive, straightforward call.
> And while there is a lot of help on embedding, I could not find out how
> to run script as a whole.SOS!!!!

Thanks a lot to all of you who cared to answer! Eventually it was
"::CreateProcess", and it works!

But here is another question for gurus: sometimes my script fails, and
I cannot figure out why. OK, I can - especially since I terminate it
with "sys.exit()", but I want my app to know too.
"GetLastError" returns 0 - for the obvious reason that this is the
value Python interpreter returns with. But how can I get the script
return value?

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