How to stop an [Rpyc] server thread?

Bryan Olson fakeaddress at
Tue Sep 12 02:11:55 CEST 2006

Saizan wrote:
> I tried sock.settimeout(10) before entering the while and so checking
> timeout exception on accept() but I experienced a strange behavior, the
> clients connections close immediatly, with one of these exceptions on
> the client side on their first use of the rpc connection:
> socket.error: (10053, 'Software caused connection abort')
> EOFError
> I'm not an expert in socket programming, but I can't see the
> correlation between the "listener socket" being in timeout mode and a
> different behavior the other sockets..

After modest investigation, it looks like a bug in Python's
sockets, at least on WinXP.

Try inserting the line after accept():

     newsock, name = sock.accept()


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