Computer Language Popularity Trend

Joe Marshall eval.apply at
Wed Sep 27 18:26:45 CEST 2006

Xah Lee wrote:
> Computer Language Popularity Trend
> This page gives a visual report of computer languages's popularity, as
> indicated by their traffic level in newsgroups. This is not a
> comprehensive or fair survey, but does give some indications of
> popularity trends.

  Provide a log-scale plot.  You can clearly see that there are
exponential trends in the data, these will turn into lines in
log-scale.  You can also see that the plots get more widely distributed
as the number of posts increase.  This too will be minimized in

  Make the horizontal scale for the `scripting' languages the same as
the others.  I know there isn't data out on the left of the graph, but
it surprised me to see points out there until I noticed the scale

  For the Google trends, try looking for `java programming' or `written
in python' to avoid picking up the island and the popular comedy troupe.

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