: collaborative Python documentation project

nicolasfr at nicolasfr at
Sat Sep 16 22:10:30 CEST 2006

Rakotomandimby (R12y) wrote:
> What you should have done first is to suggest to contribute to the
> official Python doc.

I wrote an email a few months ago to the Python docs support email
address to offer my help but never got any answer.

> Then, if you encounter too much dumbs (and only in that case) you could
> fork and do your own project.
> That's the way free software works.

Everytime I am lookink at how to do this or that in Python I write it
down somewhere on my computer. (For ex. Threading. After reading the
official documentation I was a bit perplex. Hopefully I found an
article an managed to implement threads with only like 20 lines of code
in my script. That should have been in the docs first, not in an
article elsewhere... Same problem for handling gzipped files. I wanted
to know if the file I opened was a gzip archive or not. Not a clue in
the docs...) I have just decided to share all this knowledge this with
other. Community will decide if this wiki is of any interest. If not it
will just remain my personnal notebook for Python tips...

Anyway Python rocks, that's the important point!

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