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>>>>> "MonkeeSage" <MonkeeSage at> (M) wrote:

>M> mistral wrote:
>>> No, something is wrong there. what I need is just compile one python
>>> file which will generate html page, with parameters:
>>> "exec" "python" "-O" "$0" "$@"
>>> just need simple way do this(script is correct), i will not set any
>>> patches anywhere, can i do this wrom normal GUI?

>M> Hmmm... Are you talking about _RUNNING_ python scripts? Is that what
>M> you mean by "compile" -- you mean execute? Is that what this broken
>M> shell script means?

>M> "exec" "python" "-O" "$0" "$@"

>M> You don't need exec, the double quote on every word breaks it, and
>M> passing $0 (which is the shell script itself) to python is sure to
>M> break. Try this:

I guess this is a trick to use a python script as a shell script that
executes itself. In other words it is both a shell script and a python
script and when executed as a shell script then it passes itself to the
python interpreter. When executed as a python script the first line is a
comment and the second line is a string (equal to 'execpython-O$0$@'), so
both are skipped.

You can't use that in windows, or maybe there is an equivalent trick. 
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