IronPython on Mono howto

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Sep 10 02:09:21 CEST 2006

<skip at> wrote:

>     >> One thing I did find especially annoying though was that none of the
>     >> editing keys worked.
>     Seo> It is a known problem. It is a Mono bug. (ncurses-based colored
>     Seo> console is not really complete.) There is a workaround.
> Thanks, it worked perfectly.  I guess the white text on the white background
> prevented the Mono developers from seeing that the editing characters were
> self inserting. ;-)

On MacOSX, my workaround for the white-on-white behavior of
IronPython+Mono on Apple's Terminal was to try other terminal emulators
-- Terminator worked fine (display-wise).  But the editing remains off,
so I'll be glad to try the suggested workaround (if and when responds...:-).



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