DAT file compilation

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> Roger Upole wrote:
>> On Windows NTFS file systems, you can add data to a file using named streams.
>> The extra streams aren't visible from Explorer so the average end-user won't
>> even know they're there.
> I hadn't realised how easy it is to access alternate data streams from Python. A filename of the right form 
> ("basefile.ext:alternatename") works just fine, it appears.
> Unfortunately you then have the problem of how to create it, since there is no way to carry it around outside an NTFS 
> filesystem, so some sort of post-install script would be required.
> There's also the issue that alternate data stream of any significant size will be regarded with great suspicion by forensic 
> examinations and similar tests.
> regards
>  Steve
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Another drawback is that you have to be careful how you move the files
around.  shutil.copyfile doesn't pick up alternate streams.  Also, there's
no way from stock python to enumerate the streams. (but that could be a
plus for the OP)


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