Random image downloader for newsgroups (first script)

Kim slowpoke115 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 7 19:07:13 CEST 2006

Random image downloader for specified newsgroup. Hi I'm writing a small script that will download random images from a specified newsgroup. I've imported yenc into the script but I can't open the image or save it. This is my first script so be gentle!

Heres the script

####random group downloader####
import nntplib
import string, random
import mimetools
import StringIO
import rfc822
import sys, base64
import os
import email
import errno
import mimetypes

SERVER = "news.server.co.uk" #Insert news server here
GROUP  = "alt.binaries.pictures.blah" #newsgroup will go here

# connect to server
server = nntplib.NNTP(SERVER)

resp, count, first, last, name = server.group(GROUP)

for i in range(10):
        id = random.randint(int(first), int(last))
        resp, id, message_id, text = server.article(str(id))
    except (nntplib.error_temp, nntplib.error_perm):
        pass # no such message (maybe it was deleted?)
        break # found a message!
    raise SystemExit

text = string.join(text, "\n")
file = StringIO.StringIO(text)

msg = mimetools.Message(file)

#display message information
#print "File type", "=>", msg.gettype()
#print "Encoding", "=>", msg.getencoding()
#print "plist", "=>", msg.getplist()

message = rfc822.Message(file)

for k, v in message.items():
    print k, "=", v

file = message.fp.read()

def yenc_decode(file):
    # <i>find body</i>
    while 1:
        line = file.readline()
        if not line:
            return None
        if line[:7] == "=ybegin":
    # <i>extract data</i>
    buffer = []
    while 1:
        line = file.readline()
        if not line or line[:5] == "=yend":
        if line[-2:] == "\r\n":
            line = line[:-2]
        elif line[-1:] in "\r\n":
            line = line[:-1]
        data = string.split(line, "=")
        buffer.append(string.translate(data[0], yenc42))
        for data in data[1:]:
            data = string.translate(data, yenc42)
            buffer.append(string.translate(data[0], yenc64))
    return buffer
#the following should write to a text file
#inp = ("file","r")
#outp = open("text.txt","w")
#for line in file:
#print file

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