CONSTRUCT - Adding Functionality to the Overall System

Calvin Spealman ironfroggy at
Sun Sep 17 20:41:34 CEST 2006

On 17 Sep 2006 09:22:16 -0700, Ilias Lazaridis <ilias at> wrote:
> I understand that I can use __metaclass__ to create a class which
> modifies the behaviour of another class.
> How can I add this metaclass to *all* classes in the system?
> (In ruby I would alter the "Class" class)

This is a terrible idea. When my, Joe Modulewriter, released my
library of AwesomeCoolClasses, i except my metaclass to be something
particular and if it starts getting wonky and I do anything hackery on
my end with the types, then the end-user's computer might 'splode!

What I am trying to say, is its a terrible idea to go changing other
peoples' classes at runtime without knowing the real affects of what
is going on. If you are just going to shoot yourself in the foot, why
should we even give you a gun?

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