Installing 2.5 with 2.4?

John Salerno johnjsal at
Tue Sep 19 16:42:40 CEST 2006

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> John Salerno wrote:
>> Hi all. Just curious, before I do it myself, about the best way to
>> install 2.5 if it's the only version I want to use. Should I uninstall
>> 2.4 first? Does 2.5 replace 2.4? I doubt the latter, but if I install
>> 2.5, does that mean I need to reinstall all the extensions I had for 2.4
>> again, or does 2.5 detect them somehow?
> Without an OS given, difficult answer. Generally, you can assume that there
> is no need to ditch one version because you use another, they don't
> interfer with each other. Only which one is perceived as "current" might
> change and alter some behavior.
> However, you have to install all extensions again, that is for sure. And
> most probably some of them won't work so far, as they might need some
> modification or at least time to make them available as binary.
> Diez

Thanks for the answers guys. I'm using WinXP. I noticed that when I 
installed 2.5rc2, it wasn't automatically assigned as the default 
version of Python. I wasn't sure if this was just because it was an RC, 
or maybe I have to manually make 2.5 the default. But I will uninstall 
2.4 first anyway, so it shouldn't matter.

Can't wait to play around with it! :)

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