Advice for a novice on making ambitious cross-platform GUI app

crystalattice crystalattice at
Wed Sep 27 19:11:07 CEST 2006

John Salerno wrote:
> crystalattice wrote:
> > I'm working on making an
> > RPG from scratch and I'm the only one doing it, but I'm learning a lot
> > and just keep asking questions.
> Intriguing. Any tips on how you are going about learning the game
> programming aspects of doing this? I took a look at PyGame, but it
> seemed a little over my head.
Currently I'm mostly just learning the various aspects of Python and
OOP.  It wasn't until a few months ago that OOP finally "clicked" for
me; before that I only did procedural programming.

My current programming for my game is just character generation, which
is relatively easy.  I'm currently trying to decide on how to best save
the data (pickle, database, standard file, etc.) so it's not like I've
created a game engine or anything real difficult.

Last month I found a book called "Game Programming with Python".  I'm
only in the fourth chapter but it appears to have good insight.  It
discusses the normal parts of game programming, like audio, graphics,
game engine, etc. while also talking about when and where to use
Python, such as just as a game script or how to write the whole thing
in Python.

I'm finding it very interesting, especially since it talks about
various libraries (such as PyGame) to help out your programming chores.
 If you're interesting in using Python in any way with games, I'd
recommend getting it.

On a side note, I found it for "free" at a place called ebrary
(  It only costs $5 to register but you can
"check out" as many books as you want.  The $$ is  in case you want to
copy or print from the books; it's a  deal w/ the publishers so they
can still get some money from the books.

ebrary also has many other game programming books, such as AI
development, "The Indie Game Development Survival Guide", 3d
programming, etc.  It's a good site if you want to look at a book
before you buy it.

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