How to run Python file?

Rick Zantow rzantow at
Sun Sep 3 02:54:41 CEST 2006

"mistral" <polychrom at> wrote in news:1157239512.139823.15650

> Assuming I have Windows XP, and I installed ActiveState Python. No any
> other additional manipulations were done, no any PATHEXTes environment
> variables, etc, etc, nothing. How many preparatory work required to 
> one small python file?

I hope I'm understanding your question correctly. 

I can't really answer with regard to ActiveState's version. I've only 
used the binary installation for a long time, and it does set 
up the path on installation. I don't think it adds the PATHEXT, but I 
really don't remember; I've had some version on my computer since Python 
1.5.2. Without that, though, all you'd need would be to type
> python 
... given the other assumptions you've indicated. Oh, if you are running 
the python program (located in a directory not in your path) from some 
other directory, you'd need to specify the full pathname, I suppose, 
> python c:\dir\

I'd assume that ActiveState also sets the path up, but again, I can't 
say for sure that it does. If it doesn't, then you'd add the Python root 
directory to your path or else you'd have to specify *that* each time as 


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