Computer Vitals at at
Sun Sep 17 05:42:32 CEST 2006

Hey guyz,
I welcome you yo Computer Vitals, Your Online Computer Helpline. A new
venture to help people with all sides of software and hardware. Pay a
visit and experience yourself. Lets get together and help eachother.

Help sections include
	Computer Maintainance & Upkeep
	Security and Virus related information for Beginners and advanced
	Operating Systems help (Winodws/Linux)
	Information about updates and upgrades
	Help with networkind hardware and software
	Latest technological tips
	Pern,CGI and PHP help
	HTML help
	Vbullitin forum help
	Digital Photography, Video and Audio editing help
	Photoshop, GIMp and other graphis programming
	A place to sell and buy within friends.

Give a try and Join today. It takes just a min to register

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