mysqldb + multi-threading

skip at skip at
Sat Sep 9 18:09:03 CEST 2006

>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Olson <fakeaddress at> writes:

    Bryan> skip at wrote:
    Bryan> Go with your gut. Python threads are reasonably portable, and
    Bryan> work well on modern MS-Windows.
    >> >> Maybe ignore your gut and read the documentation. ;-)
    Bryan> What in the documentation do you think answers the question?
    >> The part where it says that if MySQLdb.threadsafety == 1 it's not safe to
    >> share connections.

    Bryan> You can't share them among processes either, so I don't see
    Bryan> any advantage either way on that.

Sure, but its difficult to do so.  With threads it's trivial to share a
connection and wind up getting bitten in the butt.


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