Help me use my Dual Core CPU!

Paul Rubin http
Sun Sep 17 16:27:04 CEST 2006

"mystilleef" <mystilleef at> writes:
> I use D-Bus (Python). I recommend it. I don't know how cross platform
> it is. However, it supports message passing of most built-in (strings,
> ints, lists, dictionaries etc) Python objects accross processes. You
> can mimick clean Erlang-like concurrency with it. It is the future of
> IPC on Desktop Unix. Given Python's crippled threading implementation,
> it can play a role in making your Python applications scalable, with
> regards to concurrency. I am recommending D-Bus because I have used it,
> and I know it works. I didn't read this of a newsgroup or mailing list.

It looks useful, but as far as I can tell, it's just another IPC
thingie that works through sockets, sort of like pyro without the
remote objects.  I don't see how it's related to Erlang-like
concurrency (which means ultralightweight coroutines, not heavyweight
Unix or Windows processes).  I think Python concurrency schemes get
interesting when they at least share memory (like POSH).  Otherwise I
think of them more as "distributed" than "concurrent".

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