python web framework for straight sql (no ORM)?

clothingoptional jamiegrove at
Tue Sep 5 02:33:20 CEST 2006

It's hard to imagine a framework that would provide you with admin
functions like Django without using ORM...  seems dicey at best.
Anyway, it sounds like you are just looking for more flexibility, a
framework that doesn't dictate - is that so?  In that case, you might
check out Pylons (

> Can someone please recommend a python web app framework which doesn't
> abstract away sql in favor of python objects?
> As far as I can tell, frameworks such as django, turbo gears, etc.
> allow one to drop down the the sql layer, however that is not the most
> effecient use of the framework.  I would like to use sql (similar to
> how JSP's JSTL provides tag libraries for sql), yet not have to build
> my own components such as: site administration, user registration,
> authentication, rss feeds, etc. (I guess I'm thinking of a Django with
> straight db-api database interface).
> Is there such a framework?
> Thanks.

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