a different question: can you earn a living with *just* python?

sjdevnull at yahoo.com sjdevnull at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 19:11:58 CEST 2006

John Salerno wrote:
> sjdevnull at yahoo.com wrote:
> > Yes, and making sure that the first several you learn are disparate in
> > their common idioms and programming models is incredibly worthwile to
> > your development as a programmer IMO.
> You're right about that. While I'm definitely no expert in it, I did
> start learning C# last year (even before I started with Python), and
> though I never got too far with it, it was a great experience to learn a
> language like that, and then move on to something as different as
> Python. It really helped me to see how things are done differently given
> the type of language you are using.

Try learning a really different language next.  ML would be
enlightening, or Forth.

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