Using py2exe to wrap a service?

MaR Maria.Reinhammar at
Thu Sep 21 04:23:50 EDT 2006

Thanks guys! :o)

It seems that no module is missing since the Service starts and the
error message seem to indicate an error in the COM call to the AD.
I would expect some other exception..

I do have a separate thread for the asyncore.loop() as I otherwise
would risk a lockup.

I do not call pythoncom.CoInitialize ()  as I tend to expect a module
wrapping COM stuff to do that. Since I am not really into Windows, I
have to ask you, do I make a wrong assumption here?

Some further info that may be of interest:
python 2.4.3
active_directory 0.4
py2exe 0.6.5
pywin32 208
The Service code is taken from supplied with py2exe as a


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