strange DOM behaviour when using minidom

JoReiners JoReiners at
Mon Sep 11 14:26:41 CEST 2006

Sorry, I just found the error. Simple an empty attribute. Python showed
me strange row numbers. I used a multi line initialization of a dict.
The error always appeared on the first line although I was on an other

Interesting behavior.


JoReiners schrieb:

> Hello, I have a really strange problem. I'm unable to figure it out on
> my own.
> I parse very simple xml documents, without any check for their form.
> These files look very similar and are encoded in UTF-8.
> Now minidom is always able to parse these files with
> minidom.parse("file") .
> Now when fetching I use this expression:
> xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('DocNumb')[0]'latin1')
> (I know it's not beautiful but convenient. )
> It always work, but sometimes it simply fails to fetch any element.
> Redoing it from hand in the python console with the same file always
> works.
> I have no idea what the error is. I compared working and not working
> files with the hex editor. I couldn't find any significant change. It's
> too strange. If anybody has any clue, hint or anything, please let me
> know.
> Regards, Jonatan

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