Problems with Python 2.5 installer.

paw shalofin at
Mon Sep 25 14:03:21 CEST 2006

I have ran the MSI installer for Python 2.5 several times attempting to
install to C:
Python, however all of the files are placed in C:\ .  The installer is
told to only install files for me, beyond that I have only chosen the

If I copy the files after installation, then uninstall Python, I can
still use the application.  However I am unable to install py2exe since
it does not see Python in the registry, py2exe refuses to install when
the Python files are in C:\ .

The system in am installing on is WinXP SP 2 and I have enough admin
rights on the machine to install software.

Google turned up nothing useful that I could find, is anyone else
seeing this problem?



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