SQLObject or SQLAlchemy?

Bruno Desthuilliers onurb at xiludom.gro
Mon Sep 4 18:05:17 CEST 2006

lazaridis_com wrote:
> Ο/Η Bruno Desthuilliers έγραψε:
>> lazaridis_com wrote:
>>> John Salerno wrote:
>>>> Are there any major differences between these two? It seems they can
>>>> both be used with TurboGears, and SQLAlchemy with Django. I'm just
>>>> wondering what everyone's preference is, and why, and if there are even
>>>> more choices for ORM.
>>>> Thanks.
>>> You can review the Persit Case, which will shortly evaluate the stated
>>> ORM's:
>>> http://case.lazaridis.com/wiki/Persist
>>> It is possibly of importance to remember some requirements which should
>>> be relevant for an persistency mechanism targetting an OO language:
>> RDBMS are not "persistency mechanism", they are data management tools.
> possibly.
> but this is not relevant, as the "Persist" case does not deal with
Then your post is irrelevant since there's a clear indication that the
OP question was about RDBMS integration in Python (hint: SQLObject and
SQLAlchemy both start with 'SQL').

good night.
bruno desthuilliers
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