Python blogging software

Paul Rubin http
Sun Sep 17 05:54:12 CEST 2006

"Eric S. Johansson" <esj at> writes:
> a wise person you are.  I've often thought that most of the pages
> generated by web frameworks (except for active pages) should be cached
> once rendered.

Fancy frameworks do use caching, but I think of that as a kludgy
workaround for lousy performance of the framework itself.  A fast
framework should not need caching, except maybe caching gzip output
for large blocks of contiguous text.  

> as to the comment system, I've been very disappointed by most blog
> comment capabilities because they actively hinder the ability for
> commenters to interact with each other.  what I would like to see is a
> short-life (i.e. three day) mailing list where the message history is
> stored as if it were blog comments.

Some comment systems are better than others, but transferring the
comments to email sounds horrible, at least for users who use web
boards to keep stuff OUT of their mailboxes.

> Yes, you could build a web form techniques but the main advantage of
> Web forms over mailing lists is that they fill your mailbox with
> messages telling you that you have a message instead of delivering the
> message itself.

Yeah, that combines the worst of both worlds.  

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