python vs java

Jason tenax.raccoon at
Wed Sep 6 23:36:34 CEST 2006

Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:
> With a GUI ? If so, you probably want to check out wxPython or PyGTK
> (wxPython will also buy you MacOS X IIRC, and wil perhaps be easier to
> install on Windows).

Just a warning: wxPython does operate slightly differently between Mac
OS X, Linux, and Windows.  The differences are usually minor and easy
to clean up in a cross-platform manner, but be aware that you need to
test on all platforms that you're going to release on.

For example, MDI apps are anthema to Linux's GTK, so wxGTK uses a
tabbed dialog to approximate the same thing.  While Mac OS X can
associate a Python object (in my case, None) with a hidden top-level
tree control node, Windows will throw a C++ assertion.

If you are used to using MFC, wxWidgets (which wxPython uses) provides
a very MFC'ish programming experience.  It's pretty decent, and the
wxPython demo provides lots of neat interactive examples.


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