Python CTypes translation of (pv != NULL)

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Thu Sep 28 06:35:32 CEST 2006

At Wednesday 27/9/2006 13:40, p.lavarre at wrote:

> > That means that NULL pointers are considered False in a boolean
> > expression (and you could assume that non-NULL pointers are True, as
> > any other object in general),
>I see this now that you show the clueless newbie me, yes thank you.
>Except now by showing me here we have provoked the authority Thomas
>Heller to say:
> > > > Generally pointer instances have a False boolean value, so
> > > > 'if pv: ....'
> > > > should work.  Except for c_void_p, c_char_p and c_wchar_p instances.
>That English I do not understand.  "Except" how?

Uh? That's wrong. Where did you find that? Should read "Generally 
NULL pointer instances have..."
In short, whenever you see, in C:

if (ptr1) { whatever }
if (ptr2 != NULL) { whatever }
if (ptr3 == NULL) { whatever }

that goes into python:

if ptr1: ...
if ptr2: ...
if not ptr3: ...

>Oh that's exactly how my newbie innocence led me astray.

Don't apologize, it's not easy to learn Python *and* learn to link an 
external library at the same time...

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