Validating CSS in python

Jan Niklas Fingerle usenet-2004 at
Tue Sep 12 23:11:13 CEST 2006


I want to validate CSS in python. I could take the grammar from
[1] and throw it against one of the many python parsing libraries, but 
I still hope there's a ready-to-use solution somewhere around. The big
point is that I don't want to *understand* CSS, I just need to validate
it (and report errors back to whoever wrote the CSS). Therefore a parser 
that doesn't complain on W3C-approved errors [2] won't help.

I'm looking for a not too non-standard solution. Anything pure-python is
OK, anything that uses C libraries, should be OK, too, interfacing to 
the W3C-Validator [3] would be too java...

Any ideas? 

  --Jan Niklas


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