CONSTRUCT - New/Old Style Classes, build-in/extension types

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at
Fri Sep 22 20:41:01 CEST 2006

Paul Boddie wrote:
> Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
... (helpful comments)

> > Have those old style classes any benefits?
> That you don't have to write the bizarre conceptual accident that is
> "(object)" when declaring a "top-level" class?

This was most possibly done for back-compatibility reasons.

Although introducing a change like this:

def MyOldClass(oldstyle)
def MyNewClass()

an giving lazy developers the search&replace patterns to migrate the
code would have been of benefit.

Possibly something for Python 2.6.

> Paul
> [1]
> [2]

this page points to nice documentation (which I would place in top of
the list!!!):


"Guido's essay on new-style classes and should be your starting point."

This article should _not_ be suggested as a starting point.



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