BaseHTTPServer weirdness

Ron Garret rNOSPAMon at
Tue Sep 12 20:00:25 CEST 2006

In article <mailman.325.1158052624.5279.python-list at>,
 Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:

> I wouldn't necessarily say you are wrong here, It's just that the cgi 
> module has sort of "just growed", so it isn't conveniently factyored for 
> reusability in other contexts. Several people (including me) have taken 
> a look at it with a view to possible re-engineering and backed away 
> because of the difficulty of maintaining compatibility. Python 3K will 
> be an ideal oppoertunity to replace it, but until then it's probably 
> going to stay in the same rather messy but working state.

It's not necessary to re-engineer cgi, just cutting and pasting and 
editing the code as I've done would seem to suffice.

But all I'm really looking for here at this point is confirmation that 
I'm not in fact doing something stupid.  In the past I've found that 
nine times out of ten if I find myself wanting to rewrite or add 
something to a Python module it's an indication that I'm doing something 


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