XPN 0.6.5 released

Franz Steinhaeusler franz.steinhaeusler at gmx.at
Sun Sep 17 21:22:25 CEST 2006

Nemesis wrote:

> Mentre io pensavo ad una intro simpatica "Franz Steinhaeusler"
> scriveva:
>> Hello Nemesis,
>> this I post with XPN! ;)
> Good :-)

Yes, it is working fine. I also find the different coloring
between quoting first and second level very clear-presented. ;)

>> My next try was a second newsserver.
>> (It would be nice to have it in one installation,
>> but priority is not so high)
>> I have XPN in one directorry (for my default newsserver)
>> and I installed XPN in a second directory for Gmane.
> It is not necessary, if you are using the source version (and since we
> are on comp.lang.python I think so) you can use the command line option
> -c
> python xpn.py -c your_dir
> and XPN will store its configs and data in this directory.

Great! I'll check.

>> A user defineable Title bar as in Agent would be good.
>> (Then I could name the first instance "My News" or so, and the 
>> second one "Gmane". So easier navigating in Windows and also 
>> the tips in the task bar could be helpful for that.
> you can tweak the code if you want ;-)
> the file is xpn.py

I see.

>> The line spacing (vertically) in the header is a little higher than in
>> wxPython programs or also in Forte agent. I suspect, this is a
>> "feature" in PyGtk. narrower lines would display more headers, this
>> means more headers would be visible at once.
> but maybe the view will be a little more messed ... anyway I'm not sure
> I can change the size, maybe it depends on the font size.

You could try it, and decide if this will look better, but I don't
think, it is doable (I saw this big line spacing also on atol, the gtk
file manager on sourceforge written in gtk and C++).

>> Is Saving attachments possible? I didn't see a menu point, nor are the threads
>> are marked, having an attachment.
> no, XPN is definitively text-oriented. I'm not supporting attachments in
> any way.

The matter is, for example in wxPython mailing list, mirrored on gmane,
many attachments (source code samples) are delivered with attachments,
and this would be cool. But all the same... (maybe I apply a patch
some time in the next years...) :)

>> An option to set X-No Archive default in the subscribed groups would be
>> nice.
> I don't like X-No-Archive ... but anyway you can set you custome header
> to be used in every post you send in the Config Window (Posting tab)


> Only an open thought:
> [plugins]
>> Would such an idea make sense for XPN?
> yes but I should implement in some way the plugin support ... and I
> don't know how to do it.

Not so important, and not urgent, only an idea, got from DrPython! :-)

>> XPN seems pretty stable and I enjoy this program more and more!
> thank you very much.

you're welcome and keep the good work!

Franz Steinhaeusler

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