[ANN] geopy: a Geocoding Toolbox for Python

Brian Beck exogen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 05:58:17 CEST 2006

Hello Pythonistas,

I'm happy to announce the first (alpha) release of geopy, a geocoding
toolbox for Python: http://exogen.case.edu/projects/geopy/


geopy includes five geocoders and some methods to make dealing with geocoded
data easier (such as parsing numerous latitude & longitude formats).

The geocoders are: Google, Yahoo!, geocoder.us, MediaWiki (with the GIS
extension), and Semantic MediaWiki. Examples of using each are given on the
site: http://exogen.case.edu/projects/geopy/

The source is only in Subversion for now.


>From the Subversion repository:
$ svn co svn://exogen.case.edu/geopy/trunk geopy-trunk
$ cd geopy-trunk/
$ sudo python setup.py install

...or use easy_install:
$ sudo easy_install svn://exogen.case.edu/geopy/trunk

Questions, comments, and bug reports can be directed to: exogen at gmail.com

Brian Beck
Adventurer of the First Order

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