How to Send the Message using win32gui?

尹祥龙 yinxianglong at
Mon Sep 18 07:07:16 CEST 2006

I want to send *LVM_SETITEMSTATE message using win32gui. But I don't know
how to *do in Python.

the *LVM_SETITEMSTATE's message format as following:*
 *LVM_SETITEMSTATE **wParam* = *(WPARAM)(int)* *i**;*
 *                                  lParam* =* (LPARAM)(LVITEM FAR *)* *
 *i * Index of the list-view item. If this parameter is –1, then the state
change is applied to all items. *pitem * Pointer to an *LVITEM* structure.
The *stateMask* member specifies which state bits to change, and the
*state*member contains the new values for those bits. The other
members are
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