One program in different GUI Toolkits

metaperl.etc at metaperl.etc at
Sun Sep 24 21:37:16 CEST 2006

Actually due to lack of documentation and feedback from the mailing
list, I am fallen out of love with Pythoncard and in love with
Kiwi/Pygtk. Given the large groundswell support for pygtk, i dont think
I will be disappointed.

PyQT looks ultra-slick, but the commercial nature of QT and the design
tools gives me an icky feeling.

metaperl wrote:
> Franz Steinhaeusler wrote:
> > Hello NG,
> >
> > I have a suggestion.
> >
> > For simplifying learning or switching between different GUI
> > Toolkits, I could imagine to have one short clearly presented
> > program in different GUI Toolkits.
> >
> > Anybody is interested in implementing in one other GUI?
> > We could put in on one Python wiki page for example.
> >
> Thanks to your post, I have fallen in love with PythonCard. I would be
> happy to try to implement what you want in that.

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